WHS Testing Center

What is it?
  • A safe place for students to RE-take exams
  • A safe place for students who are absent on the original test day, to MAKE UP their test
  • A safe place for students with an IEP or 504 to test
What it's not:
  • A place for students to decide they would rather take their first round of their test in the Testing Center, rather than in their teacher’s classroom  
    A place for teachers to send an entire class(es) at once to the testing center to test or re-test.
  • (If the students are in a teacher’s class the day of testing, and they do not have an IEP that states they experience test anxiety, etc., they will take their test with their teacher in their teacher’s classroom with their classmates)


  • For students to be given the opportunity and convenience to make up missed exams or to re-take exams at a reasonable and convenient time for them and the teacher. 
  • To avoid loss of instructional time for students and teachers, as they proceed with daily lessons, with the ease of mind in knowing that students are able to make up or re-take exams at convenient times after school.)

Open to students four days a week:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays. and Thursdays: 2:30 PM  - 4:00 PM 
  • Wednesdays:  1:20 PM to 2:50 PM (On certain Wednesdays, due to faculty/staff meetings, the WHS Testing Center will be closed.
Point of Contact: 
Taleria Thompson
[email protected]
English III Instructor
Room 4-215
Extension 604-2433

How it works: 

  • The student's teacher will put the test(s) AND the names of the student(s) who need to take the test in a folder or envelop provided by the student’s teacher. It is highly suggested that the test(s) is placed in Thompson’s box at least one day BEFORE the test is to be administered. OR if hand delivered, bring it to Room 4-215 the day before the test or the same day the test is to be administered.
  • The folder, provided by the student's teacher, will include special instructions from the teacher, if applicable:  For example: Students may (or may not) use notes. Students may write on the test. Notes are not permitted.  This is an online exam. This is a paper test, but students need their laptop to access the test. (Whatever the case may be.)
  • Talera Thompson will:  Administer the tests, monitor the students, and return the ungraded tests to the student's teacher's box at the end of each WHS Testing Center day.
  • The students who are testing will sign in and out of a hard copy log sheet (day, time entered and time exited), so that we are able to keep track of students who show up for their test.
  • For students taking online tests, please provide the website and password(s) and other details, if applicable, with your instructions.
  • The folder you provide with the tests, etc. will be placed in your box at the end of the Testing Center Day (so you will have it by the next morning).
  • If your student(s) does not show up for testing, this will be communicated to you in writing via email.