Please read the information contained on this page entirely, and then complete the required information to begin the process of obtaining a Parking Tag for the 2024-2025 school year:
If you need a parent hanger for student pick up/drop off, please fill out the form here: 
All student spots will be 100% reserved this year. If you have space number 15, you will have a hanger with the number 15 on it and only you should park in space 15 during the school day. In addition, the process for purchasing a parking spot will be mainly conducted online. This year, there will be four days to purchase a spot, June 17th - June 20th. Students will be assigned a day based on their grades and attendance, with seniors getting priority. Once students purchase their spot online, they will come to the school during summer hours to turn in their Parking Agreement and pick up their physical car hanger. If there are no more parking passes available when your student applies, they will be placed on a waiting list. Based on whether or not they meet the requirements, when a space is free, they will be offered a space. Instead of students paying $100 upfront for the entire school year, students will have 2 payments of $50, one for the first semester, and then if approved, $50 for the second semester. Students who do not meet the requirements through the first semester will be at risk of losing their parking privileges for the second semester. Students who are Dual Enrollment, OTC, late arrival, and early release are upheld to the same requirements.
This allows WHS to ensure that students are meeting the academic, attendance, and discipline requirements to have the privilege to park on campus and to open up spots for those who were unable to secure a spot during the first semester. Students who do not meet the requirements at the end of the first semester will have their parking hanger and parking privileges revoked for the second semester. Below are the new procedures broken down step by step:

  1. Before the 24-25 school year starts: Students approved for first-semester parking will pay $50.

  2. At the end of the first semester: Students who already park on campus and still meet attendance/academic/discipline standards will get the chance to "renew" their current parking spot for the second semester for another $50. Students who do not meet these standards will get an email stating that their parking privileges are revoked for the second semester due to not meeting them. These students will not be able to park on campus starting at the beginning of the second semester. These spots are given to students on our waiting list.

    1. Students parking for the second semester will receive a BLUE 2024-2025 parking hanger

    2. Renewal Requirements: 2.0 GPA, less than 15 full-day absences (missing individual classes count towards this total as well), less than 20 tardies, no level 3 or 4 referrals

    3. Individual Class Absences: the number of absences equivalent to a student missing half a day of school will equal 1 unexcused full-day absence, per OCPS attendance standards

      1. Example: For a student who has 7 classes on campus, 4 unexcused class absences will equal 1 full day unexcused absence. For a student who only has 4 classes on campus, 2 unexcused class absences equal 1 unexcused full-day absence.Beginning of the second semester: Students who are on the WHS Parking Waiting

  3. Beginning of the second semester: Students who are on the WHS Parking Waiting List AND meet academic/attendance/discipline standards will be offered a parking spot for the second semester for $50 if spaces become available. 

Attendance Requirements include but are not limited to: excessive tardiness or absenteeism, being considered truant per OCPS guidelines, and unauthorized absences from class
Academic Requirements include but are not limited to: GPA and failing classes from the first semester, especially if connected to attendance issues
Discipline Requirements include, but are not limited to: receiving level 3 or 4 referrals
It is important to keep an eye on your attendance through Skyward, either through the student or parent portal. If you are absent from school, come late, or leave early, please make sure that you turn in the appropriate paperwork to our attendance desk in the front office within 48 hours of returning to school. Our attendance clerk is Ms. Blair ([email protected]), and you can find the OCPS attendance page here for more information:
Questions? Email Ms. Sarnes ([email protected]) or Ms. Bresk ([email protected])