Windermere High School has developed a curriculum with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math as the focus. Students will have an opportunity to gain knowledge in a focused area of study by choosing from one of seven pre-majors while exploring other areas through electives.  Within each pre-major there are different levels of rigor. Depending upon the student's post-secondary goals the student, parent, and guidance counselor will work together to choose a pathway for success. A student with the goal of attending one of our nation’s top universities will choose the University pathway. Other pathways include earning a Valencia AA degree while in high school, earning some college credits and industry certifications to be competitive at most four year universities, or a stronger focus on industry certifications to be ready to enter the workforce right out of high school while continuing higher education at some level

The engineering courses and the biomedical science courses will follow the Project Lead The Way curriculum. Find more information about Project Lead The Way