SAFE Services



The goal of the SAFE program is to provide a comprehensive continuum of prevention and intervention services in the areas of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and violence. The SAFE Coordinator provides a broad spectrum of prevention programs, including curriculum and short term intervention support services for students who are in need of assistance due to substance abuse or other conflicts that can result in violence or behaviors that place them at risk. 

The SAFE program:

  • Provides support for at-risk students and their parents.
  • Provides prevention programs and strategies that promote developmental assets and strengthen resilience in children.
  • Deals with student crisis in the schools.
  • Provides school-based and district-based assistance in the area of risk behaviors.
  • Offers programs and resources for parent education.
  • Creates partnerships with community agencies and organizations to provide additional services, including support groups for students.
In addition to drugs and violence, the SAFE program addresses other specific issues such as:
  • Grief and Loss
  • Eating Issues
  • Divorce and Family Problems
  • HIV and other sexual issues
  • Depression and Suicide
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Child Abuse


The SAFE team consists of administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, resource officers, support staff and representatives from community agencies and organizations. The coordinators are funded under the Safe and Drug Free School Community Act as well as the Florida Safe Schools fund.

SAFE services are delivered to students at each school utilizing a team approach coordinated by the school’s SAFE coordinator. The coordinator serves as a prevention and intervention specialist who works closely with students, faculty, staff and parents to create a safe and drug free campus to allow each student the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to succeed in life. Referrals to the SAFE program are made by administration, parents, teachers, support staff, resource officers, and students referring themselves or peers.

Please reach out to our SAFE Team for questions and concerns. 

School Based Social Worker
Elena Mangan, LCSW

email: [email protected]
                      SAFE Coordinator
Stefania Massi

email: [email protected]