Graduation Requirements

"Senior graduation is a celebration of your great accomplishments. The OCPS Code of Student Conduct remains in effect for seniors and Level 3 and 4 violations may result in the loss of your privilege to walk in the ceremony. Please continue to abide by the OCPS Code of Student Conduct."

All graduation requirements are subject to change due to changes in Florida Legislature. Please refer to the Curriculum Guide for changes in graduation requirements. 

Graduation Requirements
Subject Area

Graduation Requirements of 24 Credit Program

English Language Arts



4 credits, one of which must be Algebra 1 and one of which must be Geometry


3 credits, one of which must be Biology I, two of which must have a laboratory component

Social Studies

1 credit World History
1 credit United States History
.5 credit United States Government
.5 credit Economics

World Languages
Not required for high school graduation; but required for admission into State universities (2 sequential years, in the same language)
Fine Arts and Performing Arts, Speech and Debate, or Practical Arts

1 credit in Fine or Performing Arts, Speech and Debate, or
Practical Arts (Eligible courses are specified in the Florida Course
Code Directory at: http:/

Physical Education 1 credit in Physical Education to include the integration of Health

8 credits


24 credits

Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements

Cumulative, unweighted GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale

State Assessment Requirements

Students must pass the following statewide assessments:
• Grade 10 FSA ELA (or ACT/SAT/CLT concordant score)
• Algebra I End-of-Course (EOC) and the results constitute thirty percent of the final course grade, or a comparative score on the PSAT, SAT, ACT, or CLT for all cohorts)

Students must participate in the following statewide assessments, and the results constitute 30% of the final course grade:
• Geometry
• Biology
• US History

*1 course within the 24-credit program must be completed through online learning*

Special Notes:
College credit industry certifications may substitute for up to 2 mathematics credits (except for Algebra I and Geometry).
An identified rigorous Computer Science course with a related industry certification may substitute for 1 science credit (except for Biology I)

Diploma Options

Outstanding graduates may qualify for a "Merit Diploma" or "Scholar Diploma" designation:

Merit Diploma:
In addition to meeting the standard high school diploma requirements, students must attain one or more industry certifications.

Scholar Diploma:
In addition to meeting the 24-credit standard high school diploma requirements, a student must:

  • Earn 1 credit in Algebra II;
  • Pass the Geometry EOC;
  • Earn 1 credit in statistics or an equally rigorous mathematics course;
  • Pass the Biology I EOC;
  • Earn 1 credit in chemistry or physics;
  • Earn 1 credit in a course equally rigorous to chemistry or physics;
  • Pass the U.S. History EOC;
  • Earn 2 credits in the same world language; and
  • Earn at least 1 credit in AP, IB, AICE or a dual enrollment course

A student is exempt from the Biology I or U.S. History assessment if the student is enrolled in an AP Biology or U.S. History course and the student:

  • Takes the respective AP assessment; and
  • Earns the minimum score to earn college credit.