Bright Futures

Bright Futures Requirements

Bright Futures is a scholarship for Florida students who meet qualifications and attend college in the state of Florida.  Summer is a great time to work towards community service and retaking the ACT/SAT. 

Class of 2023, Complete the Florida Financial Aid application as of 10/1/2022. This is the application for the Bright Futures Scholarship. 

Deadline to submit service hours:May 10, 2023

Deadline to take ACT/SAT: June test of your senior year

Scholarship Program GPA ACT/SAT Scores Community Service
Florida Academic Scholarship
3.5 weighted
(Core courses
and foreign language only)
29/1330 100 Hours
Florida Medallion Scholarship
3.0 weighted 
(Core courses and
foreign language only)
25/1210 75 Hours
Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship
3.0 weighted in Core Courses


3.5 in 3 Years of the same
CTE Program
Concordant Scores
30 Hours