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Dear Windermere Families,

All of our hearts are heavy after the tragic loss of a student. I want to thank you for your continued concern and support for Windermere High School. The mental and emotional well-being of our students is a priority. As a follow-up to last night’s community meeting, I want to provide additional information.

Windermere High School currently has a full-time social worker, a full-time SAFE Coordinator and multiple certified School Counselors to provide immediate assistance to students in need. The SAFE Coordinator is trained to make referrals to our community mental health partners who can provide services on campus, with parental consent. We also have district itinerant staff, which includes a School Psychologist and Social Worker that can contribute to the support of students. In addition, the district will provide a second SAFE Coordinator (who is a Certified School Counselor) and a Mental Health Counselor for the remainder of the year.

To provide a greater understanding of the needs of our students, staff are scheduling student roundtables and support groups. We are also collaborating with external providers to potentially host family counseling sessions after school hours.  As discussed in the community meeting, professional learning opportunities will be available for parents, teachers, and students.

As you may be aware, students are in the process of completing the state mandated five hour mental and emotional health education. These lessons provide an overview of issues that can impact mental and emotional well-being and are not designed or intended to be a mental health counseling service.  Although instructional staff facilitate the lessons, Mental Health Counselors are available to support students during this time. The Florida Department of Education provides an FAQ link to address your concerns regarding the qualification of teachers to deliver the health content, which embeds mental and emotional wellness. 

Working together, I feel confident we can find a path that best supports our students’ mental and emotional health. We will continue to work with community partners to provide the necessary support to students and families.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


Doug Guthrie, Principal

Windermere High School

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