Community Service/Work Hours for Bright Futures

 Community Service/work hours submission Form(New form)

Once your community service/work hours are complete, you must submit the Community Service/work hours submission Form(New form) using the Community Service/work hours Final Submission in order for your hours to be recorded.

  • Community Service/Work hours need to be submitted by May 1st of your Senior Year

Community Service Area locations:

Community Service is defined as identifying a social issue in the community. This requires students to look beyond themselves and reach out to an issue faced by our society (i.e. poverty, abuse, elderly citizen rights). 

Frequently asked questions and important points

These items do not count towards community service.
1. Court mandated community service.
2. All forms of duty within the family. The student's family to include: parents (including step), siblings (including step), any of their grandchildren (including step) and any of their spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.
3. Any activity which can be interpreted primarily as proselytizing, religious devotion or posting political signs around the neighborhood.
4. An activity where there is no leader or responsible adult on site to evaluate and confirm student performance (i.e., fostering an animal in your home or hosting a foreign exchange student). The student's parent cannot be the supervisor.
5. Donations, such as Locks of Love, giving blood, donating money, donating food, collecting items, etc.
6. Student may not receive academic credit or licensure for service work performed (ex: First Aid/CPR, school course, school drama production where course credit is earned).
7. An activity performed by a student prior to becoming a high school student or after the student's graduation date. A student is considered a high school student the summer prior to his/her 9th grade year.
8. Participation on a sports team or a performance of any kind.
9. Work hours must be completed after June 27, 2022. You have to supply a paystub from your work location at a job where your income is taxable. 

  • Community Service/Work hours need to be submitted by May 1st of your Senior Year
  1. Give Kids the World 
  2. Kindred Hospice of Orlando
  3. Oakland Nature Preserve
  5. One Heart for Women and Children 
  6. Second Harvest Food Bank
  7. Matthew's Hope
  8.  Hands on Orlando
  9. Orlando Health Dr. Phillips Hospital
  10. Red Cross
  11. Salvation Army
  12. Orange County Public Library
  13. The Center of Orlando for LGBTQ+
  14. Florida Immigrant Coalition
  15. Florida State Parks
  16. Meals on Wheels
  17.  Central Florida Zoo
  18. United Way
  19. City of Orlando 
  22. Zebra Coalition
  23. Habitat for Humanity Orlando
  24. Mustard Seed of Orlando
  25. Special Olympics
  26. American Civil Liberties Union of Florida
  27. Human Rights Campaign
  28. Trevor Project
  29. Orlando Museum of Art
  30. Kids Beating Cancer
  31. Orange County Animal Services
  32. Nehrling Gardens, Gotha   
  33. Orlando Health at ORMC