Student Withdrawal Process

Student Withdrawal Process:
1. Appointment is not needed to come in to withdraw your student
2. If you require copies of items from students file, last report card, transcripts, etc :
We need 48 hours to process this and have it in the front Office. \

    a. Please email [email protected]  
    b. Include name of student and student id number
    c. Where they will be transferring to
    d. Documents needed out of students file
3. Parent /Guardian who enrolled student in current High School needs to come in to the front office for the withdrawal.
4. Present ID and Return any books, electronics, and other school materials at media center.
5. Complete and sign withdrawal form at the front office 


1. Can transcripts be emailed directly to parent or student?
    a. No they cannot. They can be faxed, mailed, or picked up in person.
2. My new school needs to request records?
    a. A records request can be faxed to 407-250-6244 or emailed [email protected] –Records Clerk