New Student Registration

2020-2021 School Year

New Student Registration process

All registration takes place electronically due to COVID-19.

Students who are moving from an OCPS school to an OCPS school

    • Contact your current school to update contact information necessary to Withdraw student at the end current school year and prepare them to transfer to newly zoned High School. 
    • Registrars will work with parents via phone or web conference to complete registration and enroll students.

Students transferring from outside of OCPS (from other states or counties)


    • International Students
      •  J-1 Visa Foreign Exchange and/or
      •  F-1 Visa 
      • I 20s
        OCPS will not be accepting any Foreign Exchange students or
        issuing or extending I-20's for Student visas
        for the school year 2020-2021.
      • Questions reach out to the Orange County Public School at [email protected]


      Families will save, scan, and/or take pictures of the documents and attach ALL IN ONE email to [email protected]Please be sure to have ALL paperwork.  Incomplete packets with missing paperwork will NOT be accepted. ALL of the REQUIRED Documents and the requirements for Registration are listed below. You must have all 5 points completed:

    1. Student Registration Packet- must be printed and filled out completely
      • English - Student Registration Packet
      • Spanish - Formulario para matricula de estudiante
      • Portuguese - Pacote de Inscrição do Aluno
    2. Identification-must have
      • Student:
        •  Birth Certificate and Passport (if applicable)
    3. Proof of residency (ALL documents must be in the parent/guardian’s name):
      • Home Owner:
        • (one of the following): Current Homestead exemption card, Property tax statement, Settlement Statement, or Deed AND,
        • Copy of water or electric bill (NO cable, internet, or bank statements)

      Please note: A contract on a future home is not sufficient. You will need to obtain a Pending Move Transfer by making an appointment at student enrollment with OCPS: prior to making an appointment with the school. 

    • Renter:
      • Rental Agreement: Current FULL lease (signed by Landlord and Tenant) AND,
      • Copy of water or electric bill (NO cable, internet, or bank statements)

      *If the parent or guardian does not have a lease in his/her name or proof of homeownership, you MUST obtain a Verification of Residence by making an appointment at student enrollment with OCPS: prior to making an appointment with the school.

      *Note that Windermere High School will only accept an address verification form that has been notarized by a staff member in the Student Enrollment Office.

    1. Immunization and Physical:
      • Student needs BOTH at time of enrollment:
        • Immunizations (MUST be on the Florida Dept. of Health Form 680)
        • Physical Examination (by any U.S. doctor within last year)
    2. Academic Records:
      • Transcript (cannot enroll without complete transcripts)
      • Withdrawal form (from the previous school with final grades)
      • Last report card
      • Current IEP or 504 plan (if applicable)
      • Course Request Form (See below)
    • Parent:
      •  driver’s license
      • Court custody documentation including divorce decree and parenting plan (if applicable)
    • Guardian: If you are NOT the biological parent of the student
      • Driver’s license
      • You must obtain Educational Guardianship at

      *Office of Student Enrollment may require more documentation such as proof of detachment from previous address (i.e. termination of lease, final power bill/water bill, etc.)

      *Note that Windermere High School will only accept an address verification form that has been notarized by a staff member in the Student Enrollment Office.

    Course Request Documents

    You can save time at your registration appointment by completing your 2019-2020 course request and bringing it with you.

    Course Request Form:
    9th Grade Course Request Forms 20-21
    10-12th Grade Course Request Forms 20-21

    For information about academics, please review the Windermere High School curriculum guide, which can be found here: Windermere High School Curriculum Guide. For general information about programs and graduation requirements, please visit the OCPS Curriculum Guide.  For additional information about our pre-majors, please visit WHS Pre-Majors. Finally, our New Student Guidebook also answers many common questions about WHS. 

    If you have specific questions regarding registration, please call our registrar, Ms. Martinez at 407-347-0980 x6042200 or email [email protected] 


    OCPS Student Enrollment Office

    OCPS New Student Registration

    US Citizenship and Immigration Information

    Physical Exam and Immunization Records Information

    Windermere High School New Student FAQ

    • How do I know what to register for?
      • Register for the most rigorous level that you can handle.
      • Select one from each core area by looking at the grade level.
      • Know that the counselor will review your selections and revise as needed based on student course progression.
    • What about HOPE?
      • HOPE can be taken online through FLVS or in school in Junior or Senior year.
      • If HOPE is taken online, it will meet the online requirement.
      • Students wishing to take HOPE online this summer, must register at and select their current school of enrollment.
    • How many years of a foreign language do I need?
      • Students seeking University admission or Bright Futures scholarship need two years of the same language.
      • For students seeking admission into a competitive University, three years of the same language is strongly recommended.
    • If I am coming from a private school, what credits will transfer?
      • Any course that was a high school level course will transfer.
      • Most often from middle school, Algebra and foreign language are transferred.
    • What does the R mean?
      • Students are required to select either AP Human Geography or Digital Information Technology
    • How do I get into AICE?
      • Students can access the AICE application on our school website,, under Academics à AICE Cambridge Program
      • Students selected for this program have strong grades and standardized test scores and have completed Algebra 1.
    • What do my classes look like in the AICE program?
      • Students will take the pre-AICE level course rather than honors. These are weighted the same. AICE classes are equal in weight to AP courses
        • Typical 9th Grade Schedule
          • Pre-AICE English
          • Pre-AICE Math 2 (Geometry) or 3 (Algebra 2)
          • Pre-AICE Bio
          • AP Human Geography
          • Three electives
        • Typical 10th Grade Schedule
          • Pre-AICE English
          • Pre-AICE Math 3 (Algebra 2), Pe-AICE Additional Math, or AICE Math 1 (as determined by progression and success in the previous course)
          • Pre-AICE Chem
          • AICE Euro or AP World History
          • AICE General Paper
          • Two electives
    • If I did community service at another school, will it transfer to this school?
      • Only if the service was done in high school or the summer before entering 9th grade, service must either be recorded on the transcript, or a record must be provided by the parent showing completion of the hours.