AICE Cambridge Program

The Cambridge AICE Diploma is an international pre-university curriculum that prepares learners for honors degree programs. It lets schools offer a broad curriculum by recognizing the achievements of learners who pass examinations in subjects drawn from across the curriculum.

The Cambridge AICE Diploma is made up of Cambridge International AS and A Level subjects. Cambridge International A Level is typically a two-year course and counts as a double credit qualification towards the Diploma. Cambridge International AS Level is typically a one-year course and counts as a full (single) credit.

Graduates of 2017 or later: Candidates must achieve a minimum of seven credits (including the Global Perspectives* component) within three years and include at least one subject examination from each of subject Groups A, B and C at either Cambridge International AS or A Level to be awarded the diploma.
     Group 1: Mathematics & Sciences
     Group 2: Languages
     Group 3: Arts & Humanities
     Group 4: Interdisciplinary and Skills and Based Subjects

*Global Perspectives is a cross-curricular qualification that helps learners develop independent study skills needed for university. It is available at Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives. Schools with access to Independent Research can also use entries for this subject to count towards the Cambridge AICE Diploma.

Please visit the Cambridge website for more information.

Please email your completed application and supporting documents to our AICE coordinator, Ms. Newcomer at [email protected]