Junior c/o 2022 Academic Updates


Class of 2022 Junior Information and To Dos

Junior Meetings

All juniors will be meeting with their counselor through their English class in the coming weeks. Students who do not have an English class on campus, can contact their counselor about setting up a meeting. The meeting will review student status towards graduation and will review the following information.

Please read this information carefully, as it contains important information. We recommend that you keep it for future reference.

Verify Diploma

Please click the link (https://tinyurl.com/DiplomaWHS2022) to verify your name is correct for your diploma.  If your name is NOT spelled correctly, please provide the correct spelling. Any changes will be verified with your registration documents. 

Senior Privilege

Senior Privilege is where students can have one or two less class periods during their senior year if they meet all requirements. To qualify for senior privilege, students must meet all requirements prior to the start of their senior year.  Counselors will provide forms to students who are qualifying. The qualifications are as following:

  • 19 credits earned
  • 3.0 unweighted GPA
  • Passed both state exams required for graduation (10th Grade ELA FSA and Algebra I EOC or concordant)
  • Completed HOPE
  • Completed online requirement
  • Earned College and Career Ready marker as indicated by state (pass AP exam, Dual enrollment course, or earned industry certification)

Online Course Completion

If you still need an online class, you must take this over summer. Please sign up at  www.flvs.net. Students wishing to take a class during the school year instead of an on campus class must meet qualifications and must contact their counselor for the Off Campus Virtual Form agreement.

Foreign Language Completion

Two years of the same foreign language are required for entrance into a university and also Bright Futures Scholarship.  If you have not started your language, we recommend that you take a course over summer through FLVS (www.flvs.net) , so you can either take year 2 in school or online next year.

Scholar Designation

Students who have taken advanced coursework and have passed all EOC’s or equivalent AP exams, can earn a scholar designation on their diploma. Because exams were cancelled in the 2019-2020 school year, students wishing to earn this designation must take and pass the EOCs missed to qualify for this designation. For complete requirements go to page 2:  https://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/7764/urlt/StandardDiplomaRequirements.pdf

Bright Futures Requirements

Bright Futures is a scholarship for Florida students who meet qualifications and attend college in the state of Florida.  Summer is a great time to work towards community service and retaking the ACT/SAT. 

Deadline to submit service hours: Graduation

Deadline to take ACT/SAT: June test of your senior year

Scholarship Programs


ACT/SAT Scores

Community Service

Florida Academic Scholarship (FAS)

3.5 weighted
(Core courses and foreign language only)

29 / 1330

100 Hours

Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS)

3.0 weighted
(Core courses and foreign language only)

25 / 1210

75 Hours

Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship (GSV)

3.0 weighted in Core Courses


3.5 in 3 Years of the same CTE Program

Various Concordant Scores

30 Hours



Summer is a great time to retake the SAT or ACT for a concordant score, Bright Futures Requirements, or college admission.

ACT- www.actstudent.org
Cost: $55.00 (No Writing) $70.00 (With Writing)
          $35.00 Late Fee/Test Center or Date Change




June 12

May 7

May 8-21

July 17

June 18

June 25

Sept 11

August 6

August 20

October 23

September 17

October 1

February 12

January 7

January 21

April 2

February 25

March 11

June 11

May 6

May 20



Cost: $52.00 (No Essay) $68.00 (With Essay)
          $30.00 Late Fee/Test Center or Date Change




June 5

May 6

May 26

Aug 28



October 2



Nov 6



Dec 4



March 12



May 7



June 4



Concordant Score Requirements: If you have not yet passed the Algebra I EOC or 10th grade FSA ELA you can work to earn a  concordant score through other means.  You may meet one of the following requirements.

For Grade 10 FSA ELA: • 480 on SAT EBRW or • An average of 18 on ACT English and Reading

For Algebra 1 EOC: • 430 on PSAT/NMSQT* or • 420 on SAT Math** or • 16 on ACT Math         

Community Service

Summer is a great time to earn community service. All community service forms and links to submit are found here: https://windermerehs.ocps.net/guidance/community_service

Postsecondary Planning:  Summer To Do’s and Application Process

College and Career Center

During summer, there are often workshops to help students with college planning. Please read the Student Body Emails from Ms. Laurenzana to find out about events over summer.

During the year, students are encouraged to utilize the center for post-high school planning. We are here to provide the following services: counseling students in every aspect of the college process, guide students through self-analysis, career exploration and educational goal setting, hosting on-campus college visits from participating schools, standardized testing, and college funding.

College and Career Specialist: Ms.  Laurenzana, [email protected]  Schedule an appointment.

College Exploration

It is time to narrow your focus for your post secondary plan. Spend time using Scoir this summer researching schools, going on campus visits, working with recruiters, and getting ready for applications.


Spend time this summer creating a list of schools in Scoir and their application deadlines. Many schools have fall deadlines.


Work on this over the summer. Here is a list of prompts: https://www.commonapp.org/apply/essay-prompts. For helpful hints on writing an essay, visit the Guidance Canvas page. (Link below).

Guidance CANVAS page

There are many resources for you to review on this page. It is under the student body page at: https://ocps.instructure.com/courses/1291062/pages/guidance-home

Recommendation Letters

Some colleges and scholarships may require a letter of recommendation. Over the summer, you can fill out the senior profile that is required for a recommendation letter. You must send this to your counselor in order to receive a letter of recommendation. You MUST ask teachers and/or your guidance counselor at least three weeks in advance of any deadlines.  Link to profile: https://windermerehs.ocps.net/UserFiles/Servers/Server_124933/File/Guidance/Seniorrecletterinfo.pdf


Summer is a great time to look for scholarships. Scholarships have varying deadlines. Use a scholarship finder to find scholarships and add the deadlines to your application calendar as a reminder. You can find scholarships and scholarship finders on our canvas page at: https://ocps.instructure.com/courses/1291062/pages/scholarships?module_item_id=29400644


SCOIR and Application Sites


Click on the Scoir tile through LaunchPad.  Create a College List and enter your profile information.  Scoir is a fantastic tool used to explore colleges.  You can use SCOIR to research schools, make a list of schools, indicate schools applying to, etc. You do not apply through SCOIR.  It is the expectation that you use SCOIR and add the colleges you are applying to. Counselors will use SCOIR to send transcripts and letters of recommendations.

Application Sites

There are a number of ways to apply to colleges. Schools may use an Institutional application or may use other sites like, Common App, Coalition App, Send EDU, etc. We recommend that if possible, you use the Common App or the Coalition App for schools that use that platform, especially if you are applying to multiple colleges that accept applications through one of those application sites.

Important Dates

Make sure to continue to check email over summer for additional information

Senior Pictures: www.leonards.com/seniors2022

WHS College Admission Prep Program for Juniors - https://tinyurl.com/whscpp