New Student Registration

Future Windermere Wolverines and Parents,

Welcome to Pre-registration for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year (for non-Orange County Public School transfer students).

Registration processes are different at each OCPS location as well as from elementary, middle, and high school. We are currently using a digital upload process for registration and are only accepting paperwork this way.


Before you start the registration process here at Windermere HS for the 2024-2025 school year:

  1. You MUST live in Windermere school zone
    1. If you RENT: the lease date must be PRIOR to the date you upload the paperwork.
    2. If you OWN: you must CLOSE prior to paperwork upload
    3. Windermere High School zone check address here:
  2. You MUST have all the necessary paperwork (see the list below)
    1. This includes a FINAL report car/transcript for 2023-2024 school year.

Process for New Students-NOT from an Orange County Public School (private school, out of county, out of state or out of country)

If you are enrolling a student from one of the areas above click the link below to upload the documents

2024-2025 Pre-Registration portal link


Process for Current Orange County PUBLIC School students (this includes OCVS and Home Education)

  • If you are transferring schools prior to July 15th the transfer process starts at the YOUR students current school. 
  • If your transfer is due to an address change speak with the registrar at your current OCPS School to update your address/validate your current address is zoned for WHS.
    • The person requesting the change or validating the transfer must be the legal guardian/primary parent (have the Parenting Plan or Educational Guardianship paperwork ready (if appropriate).

For OCVS/HOME ED/FLVS FLEX/Charter School -You must notify OCVS/Home Education and your zoned school that you are returning to your zoned school.

  • Notify OCVS of intent to withdraw here.
  • Notify Home Education of intent to terminate here.

After you fill out the letter of intent email a copy to [email protected]



  • Will My student miss out on selecting their classes?
    •  No they won’t. The course request sheet will be supplied during the registration process. All class registration happens over the summer when the class sections open up.
  • I do not have my students final report card or transcript yet. Should I wait?
    •  Yes. Wait until you have this in order to upload your paperwork. We will not be able to process your pre-registration or course requests without this.
  • Neither guardian are listed on the lease/house?
  • I am not the custodial guardian of the student?
  • What documents are needed to enroll? Here are some listed below:
    • birth certificate
    • immunization information transferred onto a Florida 680 form
    • Physical exam (within the last year)
    • Parents' Driver's License (updated with current zoned address for WHS)
    • Current Lease/Deed, Utility bill last  30 days, renter's insurance, etc.
    • For incoming 9th grader, we will need final 8th grade report card
    • If your student is in 10th grade and up, we will need an official transcript from school
  • I am an international student and have questions about my J-1 or F-1/I-20?



English - Student Registration Packet

Espanol - Formulario para matricula de estudiante

Portuguese - Pacote de Inscrição do Aluno

OCPS Student Enrollment Office
Physical Exam and Immunization Records Information