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WHS Student Services Support Staff 
Amanda DiMarzo, Assistant Principal of Instruction
[email protected] 

School Guidance Counselors

Alpha Range


Email/Phone Ext.  

A - Cal

Ms. Lyndsay Campbell

[email protected]
Ext. 6042810
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Cam - Emj

Ms. Bianca Medina

[email protected]
Ext: 6042637
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Emk - Her

Mr. Kevin Kuczynski

[email protected]
Ext: 6042812
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Hes - Mak             

Ms. Julie Grammier

[email protected]
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Mal - Nay

Ms. Keyonata Granberry

[email protected]
Ext:   6042815
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Naz - Riva

Ms. Iris Olivera

[email protected]
  Ext. 6042299
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Rivb - So

Ms. Alda Reis

[email protected]
Ext:   6042268
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Spa - Z

Ms. Bethany Evans Werner

[email protected]
Ext. 6042811
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Graduation Coach

Ms. Kristin Wilkin

[email protected]
Ext: 6042813
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College and Career Specialist

Nancy Laurenzana

[email protected]

Student Services Clerk
Debra Pollard
[email protected]

Attendance Clerk
Michele Blair
[email protected]
The Attendance Clerk can answer questions concerning attendance; will accept a doctor's note for excused absences.

MTSS Intervention Coordinator - Serves those seeking New 504 or IEP plans
Kristin Wilkin
[email protected]
Ext. 6042813
For students without an IEP or 504, the Intervention coordinator can answer questions regarding the process of obtaining a 504 or IEP. She will start the process for any requests. 

Staffing Specialist -  Serves students with an IEP
David Bloom
[email protected]
Ext. 6042807
For students that have an active IEP, the Staffing Specialist can answer any questions you may have about accommodations for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s).

504 Coordinator - Serves Students with a 504
Renee Graham
[email protected]
For students with an active 504, the 504 Coordinator can answer any questions you may have about accommodations for students with a 504 Plan. 

AP/Cambridge AICE Coordinator
Amanda Newcomer
[email protected]
Ext: 6042641
Coordinates AP testing and communication with College Board.   Coordinates the AICE department here at Windermere High School.

Testing Coordinator
Jillian Novotny
[email protected]
Ext: 6042644 
The Testing Coordinator can answer questions concerning the administration of Standardized Tests including FSA ELA, FSA EOC’s, and School Day SAT and PSAT.  

ESOL Compliance & Support Specialist 
Roxana Hernando
[email protected]  
Ext: 6042635
The ESOL Compliance and Support Specialist ensures the standards and practices are met for ESOL students.

Career Specialist (Orange Technical College) 
Benjamin Tarantur
[email protected] 
Ext: 6042809
The CTE Specialist can answer questions about the various CTE courses and certifications that are offered at West Orange High School or through dual enrollment at Orange Technical College.

SAFE Coordinator
Stefania Massi
[email protected] 

Ext: 6042611
SAFE (Student Assistance and Family Empowerment Program) is a team approach used to work with at-risk students and their families. Services provided by the SAFE Program include prevention programs for alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, bullying prevention programs, peer mediation and conflict resolution, homeless advocacy, crisis intervention and post-intervention, and community services provider partnerships.

Andrea Martinez 
[email protected]
Ext: 6042200

Records Clerk
Euwanda Thomas 
[email protected]
Ext: 6042236