Guidance Counselors

Student Services Department

Counselors are available for walk-in appointments during A, B, and C lunch shifts. All other parent and student visits are by appointment only. Appointments can be made using the links listed below each counselors name.

At this time, we are focused on making sure all of our students are completely scheduled. Students will be able to submit a request for changes when add/drop opens via the Google Form that will be shared. Schedule change requests cannot be accepted via email. Requests will be accommodated provided there is space, and the course fits in their schedule. 

Student Services Department

API: Taylor Plumblee

[email protected] x6042235

A - BON: Luis Feliciano

[email protected] x6042634

BOO - COV: Cheyenne Kiddy

[email protected]  x6042810

COW - FER: Bianca Medina

[email protected]   x6042637

FES - HA: Kristin Wilkin

[email protected]   x6042813

HE - LEE: NaQuanda Mack

[email protected]   (407) 347-0984

LEF - MED: Keyonata Granberry

[email protected]   x6042815

MEE - PAT: Rachel Woodward

[email protected] x6042299 

PAU - RO: Jenna Rogers

[email protected]     x6042814 

RU - THE: Jessie Pierce

[email protected] x6042812

THI - Z: LeAnn Lloyd

[email protected] x6042811

CCC: Nancy Laurenzana

[email protected] x6042805

Registrar: Andrea Martinez

[email protected] x6042200

Student Services Clerk: Robbin Hughes

Withdraws & Transcripts
[email protected] x6042225

Records Requests: EuWanda Thomas

[email protected]

504 & Gifted: Renee Graham

[email protected] x6042221