Testing Sign Out Procedures

Parents must access the form on their email. The form will be sent before each test administration and will only be good for a single day. Students must have a PRINTED copy of this form. We cannot accept email copies of the form.

Parent Procedures 

Print and sign the attached form, and check the appropriate box for “self-driver,” “parent pickup,” or “walker/bike rider” 

Send the form with your student to school. 

When the student’s entire room is done testing, the student should text you, to let you know they are done, if the student is being picked up. 

Parents should not come to school until your student has texted you that their test is complete, in order to limit time spent in the car line and number of parents waiting. When you arrive at school, stay in your car, and text your student. Your student should show their teacher the signed form and the text from you stating you are at school. 

If the student is a walker/biker or self-driver, they only need their printed and signed form to be released. 

Students will give their signed form to the door monitors at the student parking lot exit doors and will meet you in the parent pickup line.

It is not necessary for parents to come into the front office, as long as the student has the signed form and text message. 


WHS Admin Team