Guidance Counselors

Student Services Department


COVID-19 UPDATE: Appointments are for students ONLY. Face-to-Face Students will be able to meet with their counselor in Student Services at their scheduled time. [email protected] Students will be able to meet via Microsoft Teams or phone.

Parents wishing to participate in a meeting with their student will be able to attend via Microsoft Teams or phone. Parent meetings will not be held on campus at this time. Thank you!


API: Taylor Plumblee     

[email protected]          6042235


A - BON: Rico Feliciano  

[email protected] 6042634  


BOO - COV: Lyndsay Campbell   

[email protected]       6042810     


COW - FER: Bianca Medina          

[email protected]            6042637


FES - HA: Kristin Wilkin  

[email protected] 6042813   


HE - LEE: NaQuanda Mack           

[email protected]          407-347-0984           


LEF - MED: Keyonata Granberry

[email protected]  6042815              


MEE - PAT: Rachel Woodward   

[email protected]       6042299          


PAU - RO: Jenna Rogers

[email protected]          6042814    


RU - THE: Mea Clark       

[email protected]      6042812         


THI - Z: LeAnn Lloyd        

[email protected]    6042811


CCC: Nancy Laurenzana

[email protected]       6042805   


Registrar: Andrea Martinez         

[email protected]         6042200


Student Services Clerk: Lana Utzinger     

[email protected] 6042225


Student Services Clerk: Robbin Hughes  

[email protected]           6042236


Attendance: Jennifer Yates         

[email protected]              6042232


Records Management: EuWanda Thomas            

[email protected]        6042236


SAFE Coordinator: Jessie Pierce

[email protected]            6042243


SAFE Coordinator: Wendy Chicoye           

[email protected]          6042643

504 Coordinator: Renee Graham
[email protected] 6042221

Gifted Coordinator: Molly McDermit
[email protected]

Staffing Specialist: Michelle Crawford
[email protected] 6042807